M. Haswah

Reviewing for the USMLE Step 1 is a cumbersome task. Let alone with all the commercial packages now available on the market, it can be incredibly daunting. I wanted a program that was able to provide me with a full glimpse of exam material and interrelated topics, just as the USMLE has historically been know to be. Becker was my solution! From their concept reviews, interrelations, and dynamic instructors — I was able to heighten my medical knowledge and key in my success on my exam day without hesitation.


Jason Le Cocq, MD4.

APRP helped improve my study methods. The course organized the subject matter and gave me a sense of direction and structure. My studies were efficient and effective. I give my highest recommendation to any student considering APRP. Dr. Majed’s coordination of the program had a great effect on my studies. He took the seemingly impossible and made it possible. I followed his advice and passed the USMLE with flying colors.


Rex Belgarde, M.D.

The APRP was really helpful. The teachers were awesome! Special thanks to Drs. Neyaz and Hassan. I received great advice from Dr. Majed that brought strength, hope, and motivation to my studies.


Aniba, M.D.

Do you need some tutoring? Tanya is great! Believe it! I’ve tried her & enjoyed every session.


Lola, from Georgia

Thank you for all you have done to help me and all the students during our time at AICM. What you are doing for students who are coming from schools outside of the US is great and the program will only get better. I am slowly improving and i owe that to your study schedule you gave us at the beginning that i have only just fully  implemented  in the past 2 weeks since my AICM classes are coming to a close. Any way, thank you again. Dr. Majed and all of the other teachers have created a review program that is truly beneficial to any student looking to pass step 1. They help bridge the gap having come from a Caribbean schools and encourage you to keep studying even when you may not be getting the scores you want right away. It is a process, the scores will come. The onsite tutors are an added bonus!


S. Tejada

The program was very helpful due to the great professors that are available to teach and guide students through the course work.
Due to the doctor’s experience in clinics. (Who are also professors) they definitely brought up some good point which helped when working on and answering exam questions.
The doctors are also available for tutoring and answer questions even text messages as well as emails.
Thanks to the advanced Preclinical Review Program and their guidance I now have an idea on when I am taking my step 1 exam.


R. Moran

The professors were very knowledge on the topics being covered. They took the time to break it down. Professors made time for questions and were very helpful. The CMTC staff was very professional and accomadaliy to the students.


S.Dias A.Fletcher

Gave me the outline for success.


I Luis Ruda, Highly recommend the AICM program. It’s a great review that enhanced my knowledge. It showed me test taking techniques I did not know before. I am sure I will be returning to the class portion part for further review. Overall it was a great experience that I am glad was available to me.


I, O Harris Have just completed the program with CMTC and I recommend the program for anyone. The classes were very helpful and I defiantly learned a lot. The lectures are very knowledgeably and always willing to help in any are of weakness, after doing the class and then doing Kaplan questions, I have seen a drastic improvement.


I just wanted to go ahead and give you my personal opinion about the program.  I feel as though the teachers are thorough and follow a very organized structure when they lecture. They have made the schedule in a way that  covers for the most part  what is high yield and they seem to  stay very focused on what will be tested on USMLE. The teachers are very good at engaging the class and they always seem to make sure that the students are in fact following along. They are very patient and willing to help each student induvidually when asked. Every teachers seems highly qualified to teach and have good communication skills that allow them to be clear to american/Canadian students. The program follows a system based schedule spending on average of 1 week per system. Another aspect that I enjoyed was when the teachers share their personal experiences and cases they have actually witness when they were practicing physicians as a way to help us remember particular concepts. They are always motivating students to achieve and have created a very friendly learning experience. I feel that 5th semester students will definitely find the program beneficial. I feel that they will enjoy the structured program and become more disciplined and start studying seriously. The program does not allow much down time and keeps you on track.